Cisco Learning Credits

       What are the Cisco Learning Credits? 
The Cisco Learning Credits are prepaid training dollars that are converted into units called "Credits". Each Learning Credit unit is worth $ 100 USD, and can be used to pay for the Cisco trainings with any Cisco Authorized Learning Partner.


      What are the benefits of the Cisco Learning Credits?  

The Cisco Learning Credits helps your company to include training programs when you order through the Cisco platform. In this way your business will acquire in time and form to improve their skills. You will be able to define your networking and training needs while you buy high quality training programs in a Cisco Authorized Learning Partner.


      How to obtain Cisco Credits?

You can buy the credits directly in Cisco. You can also buy the learning credits through a Value Added Cisco Resellers,


     What can i buy with the Cisco Learning Credits?

The Cisco Learning Credits have a nominal cost of USD $100 per credit. The credits are eligible to pay a purchase of any Cisco training through our Authorized Cisco Learning Partner. You can also use credits for   training through our authorized Cisco Learning Partner. Also, you can use credits for training events through the Cisco Advanced Services Training; Cisco Live Event registration and power sessions (USA only), and for all learning trainings before the Cisco certifications test. The vouchers for the test or payments for the testing center are not covered by learning credits.